In 1947, the Gohar Hospital was the first maternity hospital in Cairo Egypt. It was established by Dr. Yosri Gohar, a prominent gynecologist in Cairo. It soon moved to its current location, a building of charming 1950s architecture overlooking the Nile in Manial, Roda Island. The founder's son, Dr. Sherif Gohar, eventually managed the family hospital while also serving as Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology department of the Agouza Hospital. He expanded the facilities of the Hospital in 1981. In 1997, Dr. Hussein Gohar joined his father to continue the grandfather's legacy of providing superior medical support to women, within a secure environment.

The Gohar Women's Health Clinic was created as an independent hub within the hospital premises to continue delivering superior medical healthcare to women. This allows the Gohar Hospital to have a more comprehensive medical portfolio (including general surgery, pediatrics and neonatal support), without compromising its dedication to women. Headed by Dr. Hussein Gohar, the Gohar Women's Health Clinic operates side-by-side with the Gohar Hospital making full use of the hospital's facilities and administrative capabilities.

Collaboration with internationally reputable doctors/experts and direct control over the quality of staff and facilities help to deliver the promise of superior service. Furthermore, in 2010, an outreach clinic was established in 6th of October City.